Jamaica is an island nation located in the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean region. As the map of Jamaica shows, the geographical location of the island in the Caribbean Sea. It is located at 145 kilometers from the south of Cuba and 190 kilometers from the west of Hispaniola.

Terrain of Jamaica

The geographical coordinates of Jamaica are as follows: 18° 15' North and 77° 30' West latitude and longitude respectively.

Size of the Island. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea with dimensions of 234 kilometers in length and 80 kilometers in width. The coastline of Jamaica is about 1,022 kilometers. The island covers a land area of 10,991 square kilometers.

Physical Features. Aside from Jamaica's geographical location, the map of Jamaica may also indicate the climate, key cities and natural divisions of the island. The physical features of Jamaica include mountains, springs, streams, waterfalls, low-lying plains, limestone formations and beautiful beaches. Blue Mountains is the highest mountain in Jamaica.

Climate. As mentioned, the map of Jamaica is also indicative of its climate conditions. Jamaica is blessed with pleasant climate all-year round. The average temperature in Jamaica ranges from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius. It rains occasionally throughout the year, with heavy rains falling only on May and October.

Political Map of Jamaica

What does it show? The political map of Jamaica illustrates the subdivisions of the islands which includes 14 parishes. Each of these 14 parishes has its own capital and key city. A political map also shows and defines the national and international boundaries of Jamaica.

Parishes and their capitals. Jamaica is further subdivided into 14 parishes. These parishes serve as the administrative divisions of the island. Below is a list of the 14 parishes along with their capitals and major cities:



Major Cities




Saint James

Montego Bay




Duncans and Albert Town

Saint Ann

Saint Ann's Bay

Brown's Town Moneague

Saint Mary

Port Maria



Port Antonio

Bluff Bay




Saint Catherine

Spanish Town



May Pen

The Alley




Saint Elizabeth

Black River




Bluefields Negril

Bays Surrounding Jamaica. The map of Jamaica likewise shows the different bays surrounding the island: Montego Bay, Annotto Bay, Long Bay, Black River Bay, and Bluefields Bay.

The Capital. The national capital of Jamaica is Kingston. Kingston is situated at 18° North latitude and 76° 48' West longitude. The elevation of Kingston is at 53 meters.

Jamaica may be a tiny island, but its wonders can fill up an entire life's worth of splendid memories. With its clear blue seas, white sand beaches, tropical attractions, and lively bars and restaurants, Jamaica is truly a blessed place. Fly to Jamaica now and experience life as you never thought possible.

Local Time in Jamaica